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Immune System Hacking with Lactoferrin

We all know what happens when our immune system ‘fails’ us: colds, flus, allergies. But what exactly is the immune system, how does it work, and what can we do to ensure that it’s operating optimally to both protect us and fight off nasties?  At its simplest, our immune system exists to protect us from [...]

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5 Easy Strategies for Winter Wellness and Resilience

Even the thought of winter has the potential to fill us with dread. Every year, the flu viruses seem to get stronger and more resistant, leaving us flailing for ways to increase our own resilience and strengthen immunity.  The good news is that there are lots of easy, straightforward and even fun ways to boost [...]

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Wisdom from the Blue Zones: 9 Key Lifestyle Factors of the World’s Healthiest and Most Long Lived People

Intrepid traveller, explorer and author, Dan Buettner, has devoted his career to understanding the lifestyles of the world’s healthiest and most long-lived people and bringing that data to the mainstream in ways we can all embrace. Fuelled by the work of researchers Michel Poulain and Gianni Pes, who first identified Sardinia as having the highest [...]

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